by Leonardo Da Vinci


Our guide emphasizes Knowledge, Experience, and Charisma. Knowledge revolves around History, Art and Architecture, Portuguese Culture and Traditions, and Religions at a national level, including Gastronomy.
Experience and Charisma are acknowledged by various agencies operating nationally and recognized operators abroad.
The recognition of certification is awarded by both active national certification entities in Portugal.


In combining the skills of an Official Guide with driving expertise, this new opportunity has been crafted to offer the Driver-Guide service in a more intimate and private product for greater client comfort. In a single person, we can merge the ability to provide guided tours on the road, to monuments and cities, while simultaneously offering the convenience and all the formalities of a driver with their vehicle in a unified service.


With a focus on the customer satisfaction, we enhance our product and services by emphasizing our driver’s presentation and professionalism. Exceeding customer expectations guarantees a seamless, enjoyable experience. Each journey showcases our dedication to excellence and commitment to service beyond transportation. Every detail matters, from meticulous vehicle presentation to the courteous demeanor of our skilled driver, creating an unparalleled experience for valued customers.

Airport to Hotel
and Back

Providing the best confort and quality on our job, our veycules are Mercedes. Our focus on quality ensures an exceptional journey, reflecting our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.


“Since 2017 I have been working occassionally
as Cruise Director for nicko cruises in Portugal on the Douro River.
Ever since my work and our passengers had the pleasure to be supported
by Susana and Celso from EleganteTours (former SACF Portugal Travel).
Their transport and help in many matters was always dependable and in time.
I could fully trust in their support and solutions,
even if short term or last minute problems occured.
I can recommend them to everybody.
Best service in Porto.”

Wolfgang , Cruise Director for Nicko Cruises

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