Susana Cruz

CEO & Official Tourist Guide

* Professional Driver since 2002;
* Working in the Tourism since 2009;
* Official Guide since 2017.

Guiding Tours

Traditional Tour

Experience Porto like never before on a traditional bus sightseeing tour with me as your guide. As we traverse the city, I’ll regale you with tales of its monuments, hidden gems, and fascinating history, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the heart of Porto.

Walking Tour

Walk through the oldest streets in the town and explore the city’s unique culture.
With your passionate guide, embark on this memorable journey through the heart of Porto.

Specialized Tour

Experience Porto’s exclusive private tours—Jewish heritage, art, medieval monuments, or gastronomy. Dive into personalized exploration, uncovering the city’s rich tapestry with expert guidance.



Our knowledgeable guide provide seamless transportation, offering valuable insights, local tips, and personalized assistance throughout your journey. Enjoy a stress-free transfer while gaining deeper understanding and appreciation of Portugal’s culture, history, and attractions.

Tailor Made

Tailored to your preferences, our personalized tours offer insider insights and flexibility, ensuring an unforgettable journey filled with unique experiences and hidden gems.
Discover Portugal’s wonders with a certified national guide.

Portugal Norte a Sul

Experience Portugal in comfort and style aboard our 7-passenger Mercedes van.
As a certified national guide and driver, I offer a personalized and secure journey, guiding you to uncover the country’s treasures with expert knowledge and unparalleled comfort.

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